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Passionate about Learning

These are the first words on the About page for this years FireShowsWest that will be held in Reno, NV. I think this best sums up what is FireShowsWest.  If you don’t know or haven’t heard of it then you truly are missing out. It is are a conference and expo that brings firefighters from the western states together, everyone from buyers, sellers, students, and teachers all in one location.

They put on a great event for any level firefighter as all personnel learns from the classes they offer.  There about me page says it best:

FireShowsWest is a Conference and Exposition Trade Show developed exclusively for the fire industry and is dedicated in serving the ten Western states.

FireShowsWest has developed an outstanding reputation of providing the most current educational topics to FIRE, EMS, PREVENTION and HAZMAT personnel. Our exhibit floor showcases over 120 companies, bringing the latest in apparatus, equipment and services for our industry.

The FireShowsWest team of chief officers, highly-respected industry professionals and many volunteers have been working together since 1997 delivering an outstanding program year after year.

Our mission is dedicated to maintaining the highest training standards as we prepare the fire service for tomorrow’s challenges in Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington.

Our 12-member FireShowsWest Professional Development Educational Committee reviews the curriculum that is submitted by individuals for consideration to be part of the conference program.  Our committee has representation from most of the Western States and provides valuable insight and experience in the selection of our topics.

FireShowsWest is the best value for this type of conference and educational learning environment in the 10 Western States.

I will be going this year and can’t wait. I highly recommend this event to you as the training you will receive will be one of a kind.

Here are some of the things that are offered through FireShowsWest:

First responder resilience and wellness fair-

This is a FREE event that’s held in conjunction with FireShowsWest that brings information to us, firefighters, about preventing cancer, stress, injury prevention, behavioral issues, addictions, PTSD, trauma and much more. As you might guess, these are quite important subjects and any firefighter could use as much information available in prevention of these firefighter concerns.

The classes-

This year’s keynote speaker is called “Living a Better Life Through Understanding the Power of Trust and Teamwork:  Lessons from 9/11“. It will be given by a 9-11 survivor that is blind and was helped out of the building by his dog. This talk looks really interesting and I personally can’t wait for it.

There are many classes that are going to be offered with a FireShowsWest pass. The categories in which the classes are in are: Command, Fire Prevention, Hand-on, Hazardous Materials, Health & Wellness, Leadership, Safety, Suppression, and Volunteer. You are able to choose what classes you want to attend and get the education you want to be taught.


I won’t list all the classes here because there would be too many so I’ll just mention a few so you can get an idea:

  • Advanced Auto Extrication for “Beginners”
  • Building Construction for Today’s Fireground
  • Chemistry of Hazardous Materials
  • Search and Rescue Operations
  • RIC for REAL – Lessons learned; 400 Firefighters in Realistic Rapid Intervention Training
  • The First 24 Minutes – Amtrak 188 Train Derailment/Transportation Accident, 4- Alarms
  • Social Media for the Fire Service

HERE is the full list of the classes

The Mentor Mixer-

I am excited about this event. At the Mentor Mixer, you’ll get to meet the teachers and exhibitors for a drink in one of the conference rooms. You will get one on one time to actually talk to the class leaders and really ask them those personal questions you wanted to ask during the class. In this event, you get to actually create a relationship and create long lasting friends and mentors. Snacks are also provided.

And you get a FREE DRINK TICKET!!! 


SO there you have it. They offer a lot at this conference and it won’t be one to miss.

If you are thinking about going I took a picture of the prices so you will be able to choose which one you like:




I believe this is a great deal and a great conference to attend. No matter what classes you take you will learn a lot from it and hopefully, take what you learned here back to your department.

Click HERE to visit the facebook page for this year’s event. They always have a page on what to do in the RENO area.

If you would like more information about this conference please let me know and I will help you in any way you can.



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