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About Me


My name is Juan Serrano and I am a 27 year old firefighter and I have been around the fire service for 10+ years to date. Currently, I work in a municipal fire department as a firefighter/ Advance-EMT in the western United states. We are a smaller department that runs only around 2000 calls per year. I love what I do and wouldn’t do anything else.

I knew at a young age (when I was 14) that I wanted to become a firefighter. There was just one problem, I couldn’t find a lot of resources online to help me figure out how to become one. After doing some research I realized that the best move I could do at that age was to join an explorer program. I found out that there was actually an explorer program going on in my city so my parents helped sign me up.

I love the program and learned an incredible amount about the fire service. I highly recommend doing an explorer program if one is available to you. With my experience as a fire explorer and motivation to continue in the career, I decided to enroll in the 8 month basic fire academy at Fresno city college and signed up for an EMT-Basic class at Fresno City College. I passed both classes then started my exciting search for a job. I applied to every fire job, both municipal and wildland, that I could find. I didn’t have much hope that I was going to get any full-time position soon because I had no experience at the time but I still had hope. The next summer came and I didn’t get any calls for a job.

Since I didn’t get any calls I decided I was going to get my degree in fire science. I signed up to be a full-time student for that fall semester. 3 weeks into my classes I got a call from a type 2 wildland crew. I was stoked! Now because it was later in the year I didn’t have to go through the normal interview process but instead had to go on a hike with 6 other individuals. I was the first to finish and so I was offered the job as a firefighter on the crew.

I was on that wildland crew for 4 seasons in which I went up the ranks and became a lead sawyer, lead firefighter, and lastly a crew leader. Within all these years I was periodically testing to multiple different municipal fire departments but the furthest I got in the testing process was a handful of interviews.

After the 4th season, to my surprise, I was offered a job with that same wildland crew to be a full-time employee at their municipal department. I accepted the position and I’ve worked happily there for the last 3+ years to date. I understand how hard and stressful it is to become a firefighter. Test after test after test being told no takes its toll on you. That feeling is what made me want to start this site in the first place. If I can help others get a job then I have succeeded.

Who is this site for?


I hope this site will be for 3 types of people. Now I’ve had a lot of friends and family ask me what I do all day when I’m at work. They ask questions like; do we sit around all day waiting for a fire to start? Why do we go on medical calls? How many hours a day do we train? Why do we get paid to go to the grocery store? and many more questions. I realize that the only resource for them is what they see on tv.

I know my life is not like what I see on the show Chicago fire.

I want to be the first site that’s out there answering those questions with in-depth detail to give a true idea of what firefighters do and why we do it. To be honest, my parents still are confused at times of what I do exactly.

This site will also for men and woman are already working as firefighters, whether you are in a full-time position, part-time, per diem, or volunteer. I plan to post different tips and tricks that come across my eyes, talk about some calls that I run, and even give reviews on some tools me or my co-workers use. Not to mention adding in some fitness tips.

Lastly, I would like this site to be for aspiring firefighters who need advice, help or just questions about the job. I know when I was trying to get a job I couldn’t find any information about becoming a firefighter out there. Hopefully this site will become a hub for these men and woman to come and learn, get advice, or ask questions they have about getting a job. It’s not easy to get a job as a firefighter, I hope I can make it a tad bit easier.


I would just like to thank you again for coming to my site. If you enjoy it or are interested in the material then please subscribe to my newsletter right here. If you are not the subscribing type of person then just send me a quick email to say hi. I would love to hear from you and I respond to all of the emails I receive.



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