What is a firefighter Consortium Test/List

firefighter Consortium Test

There are parts about taking firefighter tests and the process of becoming a firefighter that can get quite confusing. All different types of words are tossed out there and they can get confusing from time to time. One of those words that get confusing for first-time applicants is a Consortium Test.

A firefighter consortium test is when multiple fire departments agree to conduct joint testing in order to create a pool of qualified applicants for the position of entry-level firefighters in those departments. A number of fire departments that will put in for a consortium test will be from 3 to 20 departments.

A consortium test works out great for the candidates and the fire departments. First, they help the candidates because it gives them the option to apply to multiple different fire departments while just taking one test. It helps out the departments because they are able to get a lot more quality firefighters to choose from and they also get an eligibility list for future hirings.

firefighter Consortium Test

The process starts with multiple different departments (usually ones that work near one another) to talk with each other about putting forth a consortium test. Once they get enough departments to show interest in the test they will work out how the process will work and what the requirements will be. This process doesn’t take too long and most departments are easy to work out the kinks. One thing each department must do is make sure that during the consortium academy they have personal there every day to help train their candidates to their standards.

After all the bugs are worked out each department promotes the test on their website, blog, firefighter hiring websites, etc. After they get candidates for the test they start the hiring process which is almost the same as any other firefighter hiring process.

There’s really only a couple difference from a consortium test and a single fire deferment test. One difference is when you do your interview. You will have at least one personal from each department sitting in on your interview. The questions will be the same but each personal will grade you according to their standards.

When they have an eligibly list, the departments will do a type of “drafting” to pick the candidates. Once they pick you they will give you a call and you can either accept or reject the offer. Sometimes a candidate will get a call from multiple departments but I wouldn’t count on this happening too often.

One problem that happens in consortium testing is a candidate will get a call from a department he doesn’t really want to work for or would rather work for a different department. A candidate can obviously refuse a job offer but that might hurt your chances from getting a job from another department and could also take you off the eligibility list.

It’s a little hard to find consortium tests as they usually aren’t advertised as normal firefighter tests. You can’t just type in “consortium test” or “firefighter consortium test” into google because they will show you old or irrelevant tests. If you’re looking for a consortium test then you must be as specific as you can be to find one relevant in your area. Some tests you can find are on the firefighter hiring websites or the Firefighter Jobs App.

At the end of the day, you should try to find and apply for a consortium test as much as possible as they give you multiple options to finding that job. Remember to always be testing to keep up those skills.


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