Firefighter Jobs – The Complete Guide To Getting A Firefighter Job

Fireifghter Jobs

Hey guys.

I’ve been busy at work recently working on finishing the ebook I’ve talked about in previous posts and now I can finally say its done!!! You can preview and download the book HERE.

I know I have been lacking in the posts recently but that’s only because I wanted to put most of my attention the book so its everything you guys could want.

I made an ebook called Firefighter Jobs: The Complete Guide to Getting  FIrefither Job. The process of getting a job as a firefighter is a hard one and I remember when I was testing everywhere and spending money and trying to find answers (post-internet) and I had a hard time. Things have changed since I last tested for a department but the difficulty of getting a job is still there and the information is still hard to find. This is the reason this book has been made, to give you a step up above the competition to help you find and obtain that dream job.

The book is 260 pages long (That’s right, 260 pages) and it talks about everything you would need to know about getting a job as a firefighter. I wanted to go as much in-depth as I could so it would answer any question you may have and walk you step by step of the firefighting hiring process.


Firefighter Jobs

This ebook covers the step by step methods of the entire firefighting process. From high schools to becoming a fire explorer, to going to a fire academy, to volunteering, to getting that full-time firefighter position, everyone can learn something from this book. Some of the topics that will be covered in this e-book are:

  • What do firefighters do during the day?
  • What to do during a ride-a-long?
  • Where to get firefighter experience?
  • Where to find firefighter jobs?

Many more questions are answered in the book. If you have ever asked any of these questions or had other questions about the fire service then please get this book to give you a step-by-step process’ and answer those questions you’ve been having. This book is long for a reason, I wanted to put in as much information I could and really clearly give potential firefighters every advantage I could to help you guys get the job. 


Firefighter Jobs

This ebook also tackles about it’s really like to be a firefighter and gives you information that you’ll need to know before you attempt to get the firefighter job because it might not be the life that some of you or your family really can handle. 

I give you a minute by minute guide on what goes on in the fire station so you can really understand what firefighters do when they are at work. This book is for all you individuals who want to really become a firefighter and to be used as a guide to getting that dream job.

Firefighter Jobs

The process of getting the job will still be difficult but having this book will make it a lot easier for you. I will continue to update the book so all the information in it is up-to-date with the latest hiring practices.

I really hope you guys enjoy the book and PLEASE let me know if you actually do buy it so I can get your input on it. Any questions you may have please send me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. The book is currently $9.99 on Amazon and the price will just go up so get it now! This is an ebook so you will need to have that app on your phone or computer to read it.

You can download the Ebook on Amazon HERE. I want to thank you in advance if you do purchase the book and if you enjoy it please review the book as I read every review on it. Also, if you think anything is missing from the book please send me a message or email so I can add it. ENJOY?



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