How to re-certify your Emergency Medical Technician

How to re-certify your Emergency Medical Technician

Taking an Emergency Medical Technician class is no easy task for anyone. I remember my class all those years ago and how much work I put into it. After passing the class and the National Registry I thought I was done with my ems certifications for good, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Every 2 years you need to recert you National Registered EMT card. This isn’t a hard process but if you don’t know what you’re doing then it can get quite complicated. Below I have the different methods of rectification you have when your recert date comes up.

EMTs have three recertification option available: traditional model, the NCCP model, or recert by exam. EMTs should verify with the State EMS Office to determine which option(s) are acceptable in your state.

Recertification By Traditional Model:

The traditional EMT recertification program requires a total of 72 hours of continuing education to recertify. This model includes a refresher course and continuing education. All EMTs recertifying with the traditional model are required to show proof of BLS-CPR (or healthcare provider level equivalent) certification current through the NREMT expiration date (March 31).

Recertification By the the NCCP Model:

All EMTs due to recertify on or after March 2019 are required to utilize the NCCP. EMTs recertifying prior to 2019, can utilize the 2016 NCCP Content (below), the 2012 NCCP Content, or traditional refresher education. Note, the NCCP renewal option has not implemented in all states.

Recertification By Exam:

This option enables you to demonstrate continued cognitive competency without documenting continuing education.

On-Line Recertification (Preferred)

  • LOGIN TO YOUR NREMT ACCOUNT –  From the homepage, log in to your account. If you do not already have a NREMT account with a username and password, create a New Account on the NREMT homepage. If you forgot your username or password, use the Password Recovery Page for assistance.
  • UPDATE USER PROFILE. – When prompted, update your user profile information.
  • SUBMIT ELECTRONIC RECERTIFICATION  – Click on ‘Recertification’ to ( Enter your education, and Submit your application)
  • PAYMENT –  Submit online payment with a credit card for your recertification.
  • PRINT YOUR CARD – After your education and skills are validated by your Training Officer and/or Medical Director, your application will be processed. Check your account and print your new National EMS Certification!

Make sure you keep up with certs because if you miss that recertification date then you have to take the class all over again and that’s time and money nobody has. If you have any more questions about the recertification process please contact me and I’ll be able to help you out.

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